4 tricks fix bad sleepimg habits

4 Sleep hacks – Fall asleep faster, improve sleep quality and cure tired dry eyes

Is it hard for you to fall asleep fast? Do you want to improve your sleep quality? Do you experience tired dry eyes? Then pay attention to the following 4 sleep hacks!

It will not be a surprise to you if I tell you that these problems are all connected and what connects them is the good quality sleep.

Every human being on this planet needs enough sleep every single day for an effective and energized body. The average number of sleeping time should be maintained on a daily basis. The lack of sleep will bring much worse things out of a person than just being sleepy during the night after. It would have a negative effect on your body’s inner system. Deep down we all want to follow the rule but the pressure of work can make us forget it sometimes. In these times, you should learn a few sleep hacks to get you back on the bed at any time you want. These sleep hacks provide an excellent solution for people who suffer from having dry skin or having trouble sleeping.

Lack of sleep can have various effects on the body. It gets even worse when a person makes the lack of sleep a daily habit for every day of the year. Then it can have a dramatic effect on the body. For the people who don’t know what the lack of sleep or bad sleep quality can do to a person, here are some of the problems, occurring from sleep deprivation.

Affecting the Brain

In 2000, a report came out claiming the sleep deprivation can lead to improper function of the brain. The brain will be less likely to stay active, make up coherent thoughts, fail to concentrate on a specific thing, and the brain would be less productive compared to a fully rested brain.

Weight Gain

If you are going to measure this point on the scale, then there aren’t many records proving that the sleeping relates to weight gain. But many studies have been performed to indicate this could be one of the outcomes from lack of sleep. The thing about these studies, they failed to take every aspect of the person’s background into account. The weight gain can happen for a variety of reasons, It could be some sort of disease, alcohol, working hours. To conclude, lack of sleep may not lead to gaining weight but it sure will make you follow a dangerous life choice.

Calories Regulation

Your body will burn fewer calories during the day if you are suffering from sleep deprivation. One study has shown the link between a lack of sleep to an appetite for food – the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America shows that irregular sleep habits can lead to a lack of appetite for food. The lack of sleep would directly affect the hormones in the body and this will lead to an unusual pattern for food intake.

Affecting the body

For an average human being, the adequate amount of time they should spend on sleeping should stay between 7 – 9 hours. Getting 8 – 9 hours of sleep would be enough for an average male or female, as the body will have enough time to take out all the functions in time. The number changes once you start putting an average human being next to an athlete. For athletes, the number gets cranked up to 10. To get an athletic body prepared for hard activities, they must get at least 10 hours of sleep. Compared to normal human beings, athletes burn twice as much energy on an average day. This is normal for the athletes because they consume twice as much nutrient products compare to what normal people consume in a day. By consuming more, their body produces more energy and heat and this, combined with the lack of sleep, can have dangerous ramifications on their bodies.

Heart Disease

High blood pressure is one of the common diseases one might eventually get if they manage to turn a lack of sleep into a habit. For a proper blood regulation in the body, a person should spend an adequate number of times on the bed before waking up.


Lack of sleep would result in a more cloudy brain with less intelligent processes running inside of it. Multiple studies have found links between the sleeping and the emotional response of humans under these circumstances. The emotional response would be vastly different if the person doesn’t get the right number of hours on the bed. A person would show unusual behavior patterns with mental stress from sleep deprivation.

Higher Level of Depression

Mental health is one of the major issues from lack of sleep, if not the major thing to come out of the sleep deprivation. This was one of the major concerns of the lack of sleep, but it was never proven to the public due to a lack of research. But a study done by Jama found a connection between sleep and depression. This was done by going through the past records of people committing suicide. In conclusion, the report said, the lack of sleep is one of the factors in their death.

Weaker Immune System

A good amount of quality sleep would help you have a lower level of inflammation. As many studies have proven the lack of sleep can cause harm in the gastrointestinal system in our body. These diseases would create much more harmful things in our body. Such as ulcers, inflammation, and many more. To put an end to all of this, all you have to do is follow a tighter schedule that includes the right amount of sleep. Anything other than that can cause too much harm to the body.

People do fail at keeping up with the regulation, that’s why multiple diseases are spiking at an irregular rate. Getting the right amount of sleep and the improved sleep quality would prevent all the problems that are listed above. This requires a strong work ethic and a proper balance between work and sleep. Which can only be achieved by following a tight schedule that concludes all the things necessary for that day. Nothing would put a price on a night of good night sleep and wake up early in the morning, all relaxed. We all know how annoying it can be to not be able to fall asleep faster, too.

Tired Dry Eyes

In our eye, you need an adequate amount of tears to lubricate our eye. Dry eye occurs when the quality of the tears goes down or the number of tears not being at the right level. Dry eyes can be very annoying to have, it will sting and burn for lacking wet substance. Plenty of things can cause tired dry eye symptoms but mostly household items. Such as air conditioner, ceiling fan, and our work habit of long hour computer – sessions. The solution to prevent the occurrence of dry eyes will include plenty of lifestyle changes. You will have to use tear drops every single day to make your eyes wet. There are other ways you can prevent this from happening, by using sleep hacks. You use blue light glasses, sleep masks to prevent light from damaging your eye. This problem will only get bigger if you avoid it. So, use the right precaution, apply the sleep hacks that are suitable for you.


The evidence is enormous when it comes to the effects people face from lack of sleep. Better sleeping habits and the ability to fall asleep faster will make you more productive and more energized. There are plenty of studies that have been made to prove that a good amount of sleep after work will make you more energized the next day. One study found nearly 4,188 US workers to be less productive after a bad night’s sleep. The secret to a better productive work has always been hiding in sleeping, not in pills or medication.

Getting enough sleep will get your more energized for work because every part of your body muscles would be relaxed. Our body needs a proper amount of rest before pumping out the same result all over again. Identical to our eyes, one of the vital organs in our body, it needs the right amount of attention and care for it to work properly. Improved sleep quality can cure tired dry eyes and low energy.

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Sleep Hack 1 – Use Blue-light glasses

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses Amber Tint Anti Glare UV Digital Eyestrain

If you spend your time staring at the screen of a computer or any display form for living, this sleep hack is the right one that can work out for you to fall asleep faster and improve sleep quality and even cure dry tired eyes. The blue-light glasses are specially designed for this purpose. An average worker spends around 1,700 hours of their life in front of a computer, this is part of their job. You can tell how much damage it can cause if the worker does it without any precaution. And the recent involvement of smartphones in our lives has made things much worse for the adults and children,too.

To solve these problems, you can use the first sleep hack – the blue-light glasses. They promise to eliminate eye strain and prevent tired dry eyes to help you fall asleep faster at night and improve your sleep. This concept is not a new one, but the recent movement of technology has made these glasses more popular options than ever. If you stare at a screen longer than 8 hours a day, then you can optimize your glasses to be blue light-resistant to reduce the impact from the rays coming off the screen and prevent your eyes from being dry and tired. Looking at a screen can cause eye strain and even result in pain on the neck and headache and make it harder for you to fall asleep fast and have a good quality sleep.

Normally, when the sun goes down, our bodies get confronted with no light exposure. Our body starts making melatonin, which is one of the major hormones in our body that helps us fall asleep. In ancient times, the world was a completely different place compared to the world that we live in now. Back in ancient times, there was no alternative source to the light at night and the sun was the only source of light for humans. Stepping into the 21st century, the whole scene has changed – now the alternatives to the light sources hold no such bound.

Back then, the sun used to be the only source of light. At night people would go back to sleep because darkness brings its own limitations. Now we are constantly looking at our phones and computers all night along. The interaction that we have with electrical devices at night helps create the blue light even at night. The blue light is not harmful light in nature, but getting it at all times could potentially harm our body and lead to sleep problems. In this scenario the blue light triggers the alert mode inside of us, that is the reason why so many people are having trouble sleeping fast at night.

The blue light on our bodies at an unusual time would allow slower production of melatonin in our bodies. An unusual amount of blue light can put a lot of strain on our eyes and sometimes, the pressure can be too large that would make us go blind. That is why this sleep hack is so important for preventing dry and tired eyes.

The blue light glasses can be used during day or ninght time and are the best solution to prevent any sign of eye-straining. These glasses have multiple filters to stop the blue light from reaching the eyes. The blue light glasses will absorb the light instead of letting it through. If you spend most of the day looking at a display screen for a living, then consider getting these blue light glasses as part of a tiny solution to prevent damage to your eyes. This sleep hack is the right step to take towards improving sleep quality and cure dry tired eyes. If you are having problems with falling asleep, then this would be a good hack to get your sleep back.


The blue light glasses I use are for day and night use – check out the different designs here.

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Sleep Hack 2 – Use Aromatherapy Diffuser


Using aromatherapy diffuser is another sleep hack that you can use to fall asleep faster. For the people who are not familiar with aromatherapy, it is a healing treatment that uses the natural plants to release all the stress from the body to make the human being achieve a perfect wellbeing position. If you ever used essential oils for the body,then you probably know the benefits they can have over the body.

Essential oils get used to treat various types of internal damage in a person’s mind and it does a great job of balancing the physical health with the mental one.

If you are new to having these types of things around the house, then you may not have heard of diffusers or humidifiers. Humidifiers release moisture into the air that the normal humidifiers available in the market are incapable of handling the function, especially with essential oil. If you want to use the essential oil, then you will need an essential oil diffuser. How does it work? These diffusers will use water to spread the oil in the air. This will hydrate the room or wherever the diffuser is placed.

This will not only keep you in a healthy mood but also make the room smell much friendlier and fill it up with the positiveness. This will result in improved sleep quality and will help you fall asleep faster. Such a great sleep hack for your dry eyes, too!


I got my aromatherapy diffuser from Amazon and I can really recommend it:

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser


Let’s get to the topic in hand, aromatherapy, in recent years, aromatherapy has been gaining much more attention, and it is being used in the field of medical science for its property.

There are multiple benefits to use aromatherapy. The benefits you will get by using aromatherapy on your diffuser are countless – the diffusers will manage pain, improve sleep quality, decrease the level of stress, agitation, anxiety soothe sore joints, removing headaches and migraines, alleviate side effects of chemotherapy, ease discomforts of labor, fight bacteria, virus, or fungus, improve digestion, help you fall asleep faster, prevent and cure tired eyes, and boost the body’s immunity system.

The diffusers would emit aromatherapy vapors, which would calm the nerves of our body and after a few seconds, you will suddenly feel the relaxing vibe in the air.

And the great thing about these diffusers is that they are very long-lasting. That’s why they are the best choice for sleep hacks if you are looking to take a short nap or for a good night’s sleep. Each essential oil offers its own unique benefit to the human body. You can try Lavender, Quiet Blend, Bergamot, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Frankincense. Using these ingredients in your diffusers would purify the air around the room, as you feel more relaxed to go for a good night’s sleep.

This is the one set I recommend:

Essential oils (Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemongrass, Orange, Peppermint, Tea Tree)

Besides using essential oils in the diffuser in the room, they can be worked as a lotion on the body for smoother skin, can use it as a soap, shampoo, conditioner, and many more to have the same effect on your body. Most importantly, it can refresh your mood, heal the negativity in your mind, so you can be positive and relaxed and have better sleep. This sleep hack will push you to choose a healthier lifestyle.

This makes the aromatherapy diffuser one of the best sleep hacks you can use on your body. Not only it will help you to fall asleep faster but also have various good effects on your body. And for the room, it will smell amazing. So, choose aromatherapy diffuser, if you are going through any stress life or stressed workplace. This is the perfect choice if you do all your work inside of a small room.

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Sleep Hack 3 – Sleep hypnosis

Sleep: Ambient Music Therapy (Natural Music for Deep Sleep, Meditation, Spa, Healing, Relaxation)

Many people have used the next sleep hack – sleep hypnosis – to get themselves back on the sleeping track. Sleep hypnosis includes the user or the person to follow verbal cues to make the brain enter a different state of mind. As your whole mind becomes a weightless object, floating in the air without any stress to holding it down, the person would feel more relaxed, deep, stress-free, and calmer in nature. Enough reason to fall asleep faster and better.

To soothe your brain for a better sleep experience, taking the help of sleep hypnosis in the form of music or books. First, let’s talk about the form of music and how it would help you have better sleep.


Music has long been considered as one of the calming choices for relaxation. The power of music can be so powerful and it can affect our parasympathetic nervous system in our body.


What does the parasympathetic nervous system do in our body? It helps us relax and prepare our mind and body to fall asleep. That doesn’t mean you have to blast the song 2- 3 hours before the sleep kicks in. For adults, 45 minutes of music will be the right amount of time to enter the dream world and have quality sleep. The time varies from adult to child but the effect stays the same.


There are many good choices for music that you can listen to that will help you release stress off your body and mind. You can buy sleep hypnosis music CDs online or from your local store. These music CDs would be filled with slow mellow tunes to create a more relaxing aroma inside your brain and prevent you from waking up in the middle of the sleep. There is a relaxing factor in ambiance music. Listening it for the first time, you will get this sensation in your mind, as all the worries get washed down from your body. And the calming notes in the music would carry your mind into a deep lullaby. This sleep hack really works, try it yourself!

Music has the power to control the flow of mental energy, and it would also help the body to slow down the heart rate. Studies have shown that music can also lower the blood pressure level as well. That is why music is still one of the best choices for effective sleep hypnosis and helps effectively with falling asleep faster.


Now let’s get into books.

I Can Make You Sleep: Overcome Insomnia Forever and Get the Best Rest of Your Life! Book and CD

Reading books before hitting the sack used to be an everyday routine for most people in this world before the discovery of television and the internet. Nowadays people prefer to do all their reading over their phones and computers. When people start reading books on their phones, they are literally ending their day the same way they started it – by looking at their phones. And you already know about the blue light and the various problems it can lead to – like dry and tired eyes for example.

But the truly effective solution to this problem has always been reading books. Especially reading physical copies of books offline. Reading physical copies can stimulate the brain, overall relaxes it, and it helps reduce the stress level. Reading books can be one of the best sleep hacks you can apply to your list. That is why you are seeing so many self-help books online.

There are many self-help books that you can try to get some better sleep at night. These books are normally written by authenticated specialists. If they wrote a book, that means they have done their fair share of research into the subject. The released book would consist of important notes and recommendations in a much more understandable way. I really recomment to thy this sleep hack and you will notice fast changes in your sleep routine.

Self-help books carry so much value to them. Every sentence written in the book is an easily understandable conclusion to heavy research.


Sleep Hack 4 – Sleeping mask

Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep Mask For A Full Night’s Sleep | Comfortable & Super Soft Eye Mask With Adjustable Strap | Works With Every Nap Position | Ultimate Sleeping Aid / Blindfold, Blocks Light

Putting a sleeping mask on, not only helps you make a great fashion statement but it can also have various positive effects on your skin. This is my last sleep hack for you today. So how does it help you get better sleep every night and fall asleep faster?

Before diving into the benefits of sleeping masks, let’s see what it does for the body. The most important feature of a sleeping mask is that it can block the light from hitting your eyes. Multiple studies have been performed that showed the light to be one of the factors in disturbance of sleep. Blocking the light is one of the major steps towards to achieve better effective sleep control. An effective sleep mask will block out any light from passing through the mask without any leakage.

If you make your living by sitting in front of a computer, then you might have tired dry eyes on your hand. For some people, even a slight change in the environment can create dry tired eyes. This where the sleep mask comes into rescue. When you go to sleep, the sleeping mask will block out the light from passing through to the eye, and it will also prevent the air from air-conditioning to make your eyes drier. If you get dry eyes by sleeping under a ceiling fan, then you can use sleeping masks to prevent it from happening.
Some sleep masks do come with their own spin on it. There are sleeping masks that can even block out the noise as well. By not seeing anything or hearing too, will leave you in a complete void.

Many companies have found various ways to make the masks more effective. Some companies have gone for adding cool gel to reduce the puffiness of the masks. And some have made it bigger to avoid damages to your eyelashes.

Besides helping with the sleep depravity, they have other factors as well, which makes them a proper choice for sleep hack that works. Putting on the sleeping mask on will make everything around you turn to dark as you lose yourself to complete silence. This will take away anxiety, stress, or any unnecessary thoughts from occurring inside the brain. Finally get the good sleep you wish for and start falling asleep faster than ever. This sleep hack is a much better alternative to taking pills or hitting the bottle. The only thing you will need for a good night’s sleep is a mask, staying out of the line from the drugs and alcohol will make you healthier.

If you have nocturnal lagophthalmos, wearing these masks will get rid of all the dust in the air that has the probability of damaging the internal organs of the eye. Sleeping masks will give you much more breathing room for your eye, as it will prevent any harmful molecules in the air from entering your eyes. Before buying masks online, make sure to do research on the product beforehand. Things like the nature of the product, the effectiveness, benefits, should be taken into consideration before making a purchase.


There you go – these were my top 4 sleep hacks to help you fall asleep faster, get better quality sleep and cure and prevent tired dry eyes. Now you know what are the options to fix the sleeping issues in your life and how it affects your eyes and your health. Avoiding the problem will lead to a more disastrous effect in the future, that’s why choosing a perfect solution is the only way to get rid of the sleep problem and will put an end to all the problems that come with lack of sleep. Falling asleep faster and having quality sleep are just some of the benefits you will experience.


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