how to manifest money quickly

How To Manifest Money Quickly – Ultimate Guide To Turn You Into Money Magnet


Ways to attract money

Set a goal
Abundance block clearance
How to attract money with the law of attraction
Affirmations to attract money
Miracle prayer to attract money
Attract money with meditation
Crystals for abundance
How to manifest money with water
Colors that attract money
Use Feng shui to attract money
Plants that attract money
Attract money with salt


There are so many people that swear that manifestation works, but why don’t you see any results?

I am sure you have already read an article with the same title, right? Now, you are probably thinking that there is nothing new you can learn about attracting money and finally living the abundant life you are dreaming of.

However, you still have some hope that in this article you will find the missing ingredient to the whole process… And you are absolutely right!

We will talk not only about the Secret and The Law of Attraction. This is just one aspect of it. So, here is what you can expect from this Ultimate Guide:


  • To present you 12 techniques and ways to attract money and abundance in your life quickly


  • To explain the science of how and why they will help you achieve your financial goals


  • Teach you how you can easily start implementing them all today to achieve absolutely anything


  • You will start to see money from a different perspective by simply shifting your mindset


  • Bonus – not only that you will turn into money magnet – you will raise your energy and motivation level, and you will start feeling unstoppable


1. Set a goal


The first and most important step is to set a goal.
You can’t strive for something that you have not defined. You must have a clear vision in your head so that the universe can see it and make it real for you.

It makes the whole process so much easier when you take the time to decide what exactly you want – we don’t want wage answers! Wage answers lead to wage results. If you are reading this, it means you need fast results and the best way to increase the speed at which you will get anything you want is to define:

  • Exactly how much money you want to receive


  • Ideally, you want to know what you want to actually do with this money (which house/ car/ bag and so on you want to buy, or on which vacation you want to go….)


  • The last and super important step is to imagine how you would feel once you have that home, car, bag or vacation. The emotion behind it is the secret ingredient that will make miracles in your life. The emotion is what is going to make you take action towards your goals. However, we will talk about this later.


There is one thing you maybe know but oftentimes forget when it comes to money and attracting abundance.


You don’t really need the money; what you actually need is what these little pieces of paper can provide for you!

The goal must not be the money itself – it is just a vehicle, a tool, that you use to get whatever you could possibly wish for. Please remind yourself this, it is crucial!


make money

2. Abundance block clearance

So, we have now defined our goal. We want X amount of money.

However, in order to receive the money you want quickly, you have to take care of something crucial – the abundance block in your head. To remove hindering beliefs about money, you need to ask yourself a question. How do you think and speak about money? Do you think that money is something bad and only bad people are able to get rich?

Your relationship with money must be good and positive; otherwise, you are unable to attract abundance in your life.

The fact that you are not happy with your financial situation at the moment is caused by beliefs that are contradicting your desire. You must change the old hindering beliefs about money. Most of the times it is not your fault that you have these beliefs, but it is up to you to change that!


What did I do to remove the abundance blocks from my life?


I simply made a list with all of the money blocks I had:


  • Accepting money obligates me
  • Being rich is a sin
  • Being super conscious about every single penny is the right thing to do
  • Daddy will like me better if I don’t spend much
  • God wants us to struggle and suffer to learn a lesson
  • Having money is greedy.
  • Money is the root of evil.
  • I can’t have money and free time at the same time.
  • You have to work (too) hard to get wealthy.
  • I don’t deserve to have a lot of money.
  • Money is a limited resource.
  • I do not have enough to share or give away.
  • It’s selfish to want a lot of money.
  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • My family isn’t rich, and I probably will never be rich too.
  • The chances of becoming rich are really low.

Then I started to work on each one. So, how do you remove the abundance block in a moment like this one, when the negative belief comes to your mind? You must simply start asking yourself these questions and answer with yes or no:


Am I the person that has the power to set his own beliefs?
Do I want to have a limiting or negative belief towards money?
Am I going to take action to change what I don’t like and accept?


Create positive beliefs

Then actively tell yourself the opposite of what your mind is trying to make you believe. That is how you create your new positive beliefs – give life to them, load them with energy, and start vibration on this higher level.

Being rich gives you so many opportunities and makes your life easier. It is definitely not making you a bad person. Keep reminding yourself that on a daily basis.

That is something that I live by and truly believe in. I do not doubt anymore; I took action and accepted it. Now I have new beliefs, that are positive and are helping me to achieve the abundant life I strive for.

Also, work on your relationship with yourself – accept yourself the way you are and be grateful for your life and the situation you are in; more about gratitude is coming.

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3. How to attract money with the law of attraction (and completely shift your mindset)


1.Write down your exact wish – X amount of money to buy XY so that I can finally feel YX

2.Ideally, you want to make a simple vision board and put it somewhere you will see it every day to remind you of your goals

3.Here comes the hard part – Practice!

Read what you have written and visualize it every day – do this especially before sleeping and immediately after you wake up in the morning. You only need to do this for five minutes. Being consistent is what will turn these five minutes into pure magic. So you can practice different types of manifestations using the law of attraction:

Use your workbook or the PDF we provide for you, take ten minutes, and just look at it, read your goals. Think about the exact sum of money you want; see it coming to your bank account from nowhere. Feel happy. See yourself buying anything you wish for – the house or that beautiful designer dress…enjoy the process of paying for the things you want. There will be a warm feeling within you, take a moment just to feel it, enjoy this moment.

Do it again and again. You will be surprised how fast the ten minutes will past.

If you do the exercise right, you will magically start living this happy dream life where time just passes by so fast. Do this exercise as often as you can – but at least one time a day.

Money affirmations

The second exercise I want you to practice is using money affirmations. This is very different than the first one and has the unique power to set beliefs in your subconscious mind. What you need to do is just take this list of money affirmations I created for you (and personally use myself) and read it every day at least once:


I am a magnet for money.
Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.
I am open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me.
Large amounts of money are coming to me in ever-increasing amounts.
I always have more than enough money.
Today I am attracting wealth, abundance, and wellbeing.
I welcome an unlimited source of income and wealth in my life.
Wealth flows to me from all directions.
I release every block that held me back from receiving prosperity.
Money flows to me easily.
Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.
I am worthy of making more money.
Every day I am becoming richer and richer.
I embrace new avenues of income.
Money now comes to me from unexpected sources & I am grateful
I release all negative energy over money.
My wallet and bank balance are overflowing with money.
I am aligned with the energy of abundance.
My actions create constant prosperity.
I constantly attract opportunities that create more money.
My finances improve beyond my dreams.
I am able to handle large sums of money.
Money is the root of joy and comfort.I am able to handle large sums of money.
I am at peace with having a lot of money.
Money expands my life’s opportunities and experiences.
I have more than enough money.
Money creates a positive impact on my life.
I love money. Money loves me.




Make the visualization exercises always when you are:

  • bored and have some free time
  • just waiting for a friend that is being late
  • waiting at the line in the store
  • going to work

Visualize every day. You have no idea how powerful consistency is! You may feel stupid at that moment – saying the same things over and over again – but it is all in your head. Nobody knows what is happening – it is just you and your thoughts. Nobody has to know about it – this is our secret.

Don’t forget something very powerful – your language. The way you speak and the words you use in your everyday life can actually have an impact on your subconscious mind. It can be very dangerous because you are not noticing it – it happens automatically, and you are not actively controlling it. By actually paying attention to the way you communicate with people, you can detect some possible reasons why the law of attraction is not working for you.

Another key element – believe it is true – have faith – don’t just wish for it. By repeating and visualizing on a daily basis, your mind has no other option but to believe it. This is how you create a new reality in your self.

Your subconscious mind can’t make the difference between real life and the life you create. You know how a lie that you say 1000 times at one moment starts to feel more real and at one point you actually start thinking it is true – even though it isn’t? Believe that the universe is abundant and you can have all the money you want if only you have faith.


money vibration quiz

Act as if you already have the money

I almost forgot – always act as if you already have what you desire – this is one of the steps that confuse most of the people. How can I act as if I am rich and drive a Ferrari if, in reality, I can’t even afford to pay to repair my 15-years old VW?

Remember this – you must live in an abundance mind frame and just be generous with what you have. There will always be people that have less than you – so you could perhaps give something small to them? Maybe you can’t afford the most expensive car, but you could treat yourself with a good quality coffee at home (I am obsessed with coffee, I know)? By doing such small acts of generosity (yes, it counts when you are generous to yourself too) you shift your mindset and improve your relationship with money.

Also, never forget that money flows – money is not made just to sit somewhere. Money flows, money goes and comes back. It is like a dance – you make one step forward, and your partner makes one step back towards you. In order to receive something, you need to give. However, you need to do it without feeling bad about it. Attach a positive thought to this process.

Feel positive emotions

Very important tip – your emotions are the gasoline that gives life to your thoughts. So, only feed your positive thoughts with emotions. Try to train your brain to stay positive, and whenever in life you receive an unexpected bill you have to pay, or you have some unplanned expenses – please give your best to stay calm, breath and just be neutral because your negative thoughts are exactly as powerful as the positive ones.

Regardless of how hard your life situation may be – always remind yourself of the things you have and never take them for granted. Shift your mindset. Feel the greatest gratitude and joy, thanks to the small things you have in life. Appreciate the ten-minute ritual of having warm and delicious coffee in the morning (this one may not apply to you, but I am such a coffee lover). Turn it into a game – every day try to come up with a new small thing to be grateful for.

I am not talking about the big ones – take something that you would normally never think of – like the moment when you take five minutes to open the window and just look at the surroundings – the nature, the buildings, or the person that just walked by on the street. Take a deep breath of fresh air, smile for no reason, and appreciate this moment, right now, enjoy its peacefulness. Don’t rush through it.

Always be grateful

In order for the law of attraction to start working, you must appreciate what you already have and be at peace with it. Be grateful for everything – even for the smallest things.

For example, your home or the food you have on your table. Even the fact that you can afford to have a computer with an internet connection is just amazing! There are so many people on the planet that could just wish for that – never forget it!

You can do this practice of mindfulness and gratefulness also by writing a gratitude list every day.

Write down every little thing that comes to your mind. This will attract positive vibration – and that is what we are aiming for.

What you can also do in order to program your mind to believe you live and deserve an abundant life is always to have more money in your wallet that you would normally spend on a day. By just having let’s say 200 Euro in your pocket you will feel more confident when you see something you like that is more expensive. What you can say at this moment is – “I can afford to buy this bag if I want to.”

You don’t need to buy that bag, but the signal you give to the universe is so powerful. The universe can’t make a difference between what you have actually bought or not. Important is the vibration you send to it and how you change your connection with money. You are “buying” all these things that you wish, the money flows, and the more you give (even if it is only in your head), the more you will receive (in real life).

make money

When will the law of attraction start working

Don’t bother wondering how all the magic will happen. The universe has its ways, and if you just believe it, it will surprise you! You can’t know all of the answers from the beginning. What you know is that there is always a way – always! However, the path will show only to the people that dare to make this first step.


4. Affirmations to attract money

We talked about how important money affirmations are in the process of reprogramming ourselves and manifesting money and abundance. I gave you my list of money affirmations, that I read on an everyday basis. I suggest you have this list on your phone or on some paper at home and read it every day. Believe me; it is so powerful.

5. Miracle prayer to attract money

Using prayers to attract money in your life is another (actually very good one) practice. It is a seven-day prayer program that will help you manifest abundance and get results very fast. If you follow the step-by-step blueprint, you will start noticing results very quickly. There are a lot of people using it, and they are absolutely obsessed with it. So, just give it a try for seven days and let it do it’s magic for you too! – Click here to check it out!

6. Attract money with meditation

We all know meditation can have a great impact on our wellbeing – it reduces stress, controls anxiety, promotes emotional health, enhances self-awareness, lengthens attention span, and much more.

Guess what – we can use it with a focus on our financial situation! We can quickly and easily start attracting more wealth and money using the power of meditation. Meditation calms us, makes us more peaceful and mindful, and gives us a chance to program our mind to send positive vibrations to the universe.

Through meditation, we reach such a state of mind, that allows us to talk to ourselves and manifest our deepest desires.

So, here are the steps to practice meditation for abundance:


  • Find a comfortable place where there are no distractions and sit in a comfortable position


  • Close your eyes, relax and take a few deep breaths


  • To concentrate yourself observe your breath for a few minutes


  • Slowly start with the visualizing exercises – see yourself rich (in the present time)


  • What clothes do you wear? Where do you live? Which car do you drive?


  • Feel and see how the money comes effortlessly to you, it just flows


  • See and touch the currency notes that you wish to have


  • Let the emotions come to you, enjoy the moment truly


  • In the end, feel the gratefulness of all you have and say “Thank you life for giving me all the money I want in my life.”


I have found this video that you can also use to guide you through the process.

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7.Crystals for abundance

You can use abundance crystals to additionally support your journey without the need that you do something. Just by wearing them with you in your bag, or placing them on your desk at home or at work, they will start doing their magic. They help you open up for prosperity.


Here is a list of the crystals that are known for their power to attract money:


  • Pyrite – this crystal is known for bringing good luck and attracting money


  • Citrine – this one helps you to remove abundance blocks and brings happiness to you




  • Selenite – energy clearing crystal and helps things moving


8. How to manifest money with water

I want to share with you another great technique to manifest money – by using the power of the water. Scientists have found that water has memory, and we can use this to attract abundance by sending energy to it. If you haven’t heard of this method, please give it a try! It will be great additional practice to the other techniques for attracting money and abundance I taught you:


  • First, take a piece of paper and write down the exact sum you want to attract and what you would do with it.


  • Then, grab your favorite glass and fill it with clear water.


  • Put the paper with your affirmation or wish on it on the glass or underneath it.


  • Now start rubbing your palms together to activate the energy flow in your hands for 30 seconds, so that they feel warm.


  • Place both of your palms on the glass of water.


  • Say the affirmation or wish out (preferably out loud).


  • Visualize what it is you want to manifest while sending positive energy toward the water in the glass.


  • The last step is actually to drink the water.


Do these steps every morning when you wake up, and every evening before you go to sleep.

You can also check out this video that demonstrates the process of manifesting anything with water.


9.Colors that attract money

You can also start using the power of colors for attracting abundance and wealth. Colors bring energy, and if you choose them wisely, you can profit easily from it. Your wallet is the place where you keep your money so let’s see which is the best color for it (believe me it makes a difference):


  • Black is one of the best options in this case because black is considered to be attracting money


  • Red activates good luck and fortune, so for us ladies, it is also a great choice. The only problem with the red color is that it can help you attract money, but at the same time activate your spending habits


  • Brown – probably the best choice for everyone who wants to improve his/ her savings


  • Green – it is an unusual color for your wallet, but it represents growth and prosperity and supports new financial opportunities


  • Yellow – stimulates creativity and therefore a great choice if you want to attract new opportunities


The gold color is also very powerful and helps you manifest money. So, try to put gold-colored objects everywhere you can in your home and office to attract wealth. This could be a photo frame, for example.


money vibration quiz

10. Use Feng Shui to attract money

As you probably already know, feng shui helps balance energies or “chi” (circulating life energy) in your home or office to promote harmony, health, fortune, and improve certain aspects of your life like love or wealth.

So, we can’t miss implementing this amazing tool to support our journey of abundance, right? So, let’s invite wealth and money into our homes with feng shui:

First, Get a wealth vase – it is known as one of the oldest feng shui abundance and money cures by strengthening the flow of wealth and prosperity energy in your home. The vase is traditionally made from Tibetan Buddhist temples, but we can find them at a lot of places now. Make sure you pick an oriental-looking one.
The first step when you get your vase is always to have clear and good intentions for wealth. What you need to do is put inside it objects with wealth meaning to you – soil from a wealthy friend (or from an area with vibrant energy), a few symbols of wealth such as crystals for example. The more the items, the better.
Once you fill your vase, you should not open it again; otherwise, you must repeat the whole process again. Then put it somewhere out of sight. Congratulations, you just have created one additional money magnet that is working for you all the time!

Other Feng Shui methods to attract abundance include having a fish aquarium at home or even a fountain – water is powerful in attracting wealth and prosperity

The same goes for the Chinese coins -put a few of them in your home or in your wealth vase!

All these things are meant to help clear energies in your home and give you support to achieve prosperity. Use it!

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11. Plants that attract money

Here are some plants that bring good energy to your home and attract money and wealth like a magnet:











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12. Attract money with salt

Salt attracts abundance, but you need to know exactly how to use it properly for the purpose of money manifestation:

  • Start implementing the rituals with salt at New Moon because it symbolises new beginnings


  • Put sea salt in all the corners of your house and cover them. This will help absorb negative energy. If you wish you can put the salt in some small plastic containers. You should change the salt every ten days.


  • To attract money you can put a small amount of salt in a plastic container in your wallet. Make sure you replace it every ten days.


Use the sea salt rituals to clear the energy in your home and attract abundance very easy. However, do not forget to believe in it – because having faith is what will ensure you great results very quickly and effortlessly.


13. Conclusion

You have learned so much practical advice you can start implementing right now to manifest wealth and abundance.

However, the most important of them all is to be grateful for what you already have. Learn to say thank you as often as you can. The universe is full of opportunities, but you can only see them once you actually start looking for them by making the first step!

Take action! Start small, but please always have the big picture in mind. Know where you want to be 10, 20, and 30 years from now. See yourself there, happy, healthy, smiling, and full of positive energy and gratefulness for the amazing life you have created for yourself; it was not given to you – you are the creator of your life, and you are responsible for the good and the not so good experiences in it.


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