What is My Destiny – Find Out Your Life Path Number And Destiny Number (The Only Guide You Need)


To a skeptic, the idea of luck rings the bell of a coincidence no matter how many times it happens in their life.
But have you ever wondered about the meaning of everything that happens in your life beyond the wall of reality? Is there something more to it besides just calling it a random coincidence? What is my destiny?
Why your lucky number is lucky all the time? And the unlucky number brings in the worse faith? What is your destiny number? What is your life path number? The answer to all these questions can be found within the power of digits.
The study of these mystical numbers is called Numerology. Just as stars or planets around the earth have numerous effects on the attributes and destiny of a human being. The teaching of numerology shows us that numbers can have spiritual power to dictate human behavior and holds influence on their traits. The act of Numerology holds the value of both Numerical and the Spiritual. Numerology binds a special thread between two worlds. One world representing the present structure of a number and the other carrying the mystical value of a number.
To fully comprehend the deep meaning behind your destiny and life path number, you have to get into the history of these numbers and the impact they had on the people before our time.
That includes the understanding of the different manifestations of numerology. Plenty of things goes into counting to make numerology, the birth numerology (birthdate number, life path number, attitude number), and the other being the name numerology (soul desire, personality number, power number).

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Shading Light On Numerology Through History


To find more about your destiny and what numerology means and the effect it has on us, we have to dig deep into the records of Numerology.
The origin, the foundation, the true virtue of the importance it held in the past and the present. How it will help you reach the destiny number and the life path number to reach the fulfillment of your life.
The first sign of the word Numerology in English literature didn’t show up until the year 1907. But it’s long been around us for centuries affecting the core of human values. The earliest record of the word Numerology leads to the ancient period of Egypt, Rome, Babylon, China, Japan, Greece. The father of Numerology is a Greek philosopher named Pythagoras.


Who stays behind the numerology


The father of Numerology Pythagoras was one of kind human being when he was alive. He was an excellent mathematician in his time and had a deep philosophical view on the outlook of life. While most of his life went on without fully documented but his thoughts on numbers are fully recorded in the books. He had a great fascination towards numerology and his fascination led him to Egypt to study the value of numerology for 22 years.
He learned that the world is built by the power of numbers, mostly single digits. Everything happens in the world can be translated into numbers. The modern numerology uses the number assigned to the letter or as it is known as the Pythagorean Number System.
The implication of numbers can also be found used on various religions throughout the world. In Christianity, the number 666 represents the beast, while the number 888 links the holy Jesus. In Chinese tradition, the number 4 is considered as the number to bring bad luck to the individual.
Many people throughout the world use numerology as a device to discover the hidden meaning of life around us. It is meant for self-discovery and prediction of the future and present self.

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Use of Numerology Portrait


To get the answer of – “What is my destiny?” fist we need to know what a numerology portrait is. What are these numbers? What do they represent? How do they help me find my destiny number?
If you are looking for an answer to all these questions. Then the information below will help you reach the conclusion for your questions.
Numerology portraits work as same as a natal chart in the field of astrology. The destiny of your life, your life path number, strength, weakness, and the future self, everything is embedded in the Numerology portrait. While the other methods of creating a perfect portrait may seem a bit complicated, Numerology brings the simplest and easiest way to achieve it.
In the field of astrology, the natal chart counts the individual’s date, day of birth, exact time, a place to determine the portrait of your life, so you can reach your destiny. In numerology, creating an accurate portrait of any individual is simpler than in the area of astrology.
The numerology portrait or Numerology Chart is consists of only six numbers. Three numbers to draw from your birth as the number of your birthdate, life path, attitude, and the other three to be drawn from your name as the number for your soul desire, personality, and lastly power.
Each one of these numbers holds a significant meaning in the life of a human being. The inner desire of any human being can be revealed through these numbers.

Numerology chart numbers

Here is the list of all six numbers in the numerology chart. And the meaning they hold for the present self and for what to come.


  • Birthdate Number


It represents the first impression of your character


  • Life Path Number


It shows the path to take in your life, to find who you truly are inside


  • Attitude Number


It shows your attitude towards the world and life in general


  • Soul Urge


It shows the inner desire of your character. What makes your soul really happy


  • Personality Number


It shows the feature of your character to others.


  • Power Number


It shows the strength of your character


Learning something new about yourself and what your destiny is through these numbers will change the negative things in life. And these numbers are there to help you put a different level of energy into your work field.
All the numbers and positions will hold a special meaning in the chart of Numerology, but the most important of them all will be the Lifepath number.
Because the life path number holds the value of all the numbers combined, it will decide the path you must take to be your true self. It will describe who you are in the core and the person you will become to fulfill your innate desires. Finally, it will help you understand the deep knowledge that is within you, so it can help you reach for the true destiny of yourself.

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How the calculation of the life path number and destiny number works to find out what is my destiny?


Let’s get to the core of numerology. How did It suppose to find my destiny number and my life number? Don’t worry – below you will fully understand the technique to calculate your life path number and your destiny number; how the destiny number will shape up your life for the foreseeable future. At first glance, It will look intimating. But I’ll make sure to make the equation a little bit beginner-friendly.


Calculation of Lifepath And Destiny


To calculate your life path number, only one thing has to be taken into the account – your birth date.
That includes the date, month and the year. Remember, numerology is based on the root number, and it has to be the single-digit number. Now you know how to perform the life path number on each number of your birthdate.
After getting the number, now we have to find the root number from all the number extracted from the birthdate. To do that we have to calculate the exacted numbers from the birth date number and then reduce the number to a single digit.
The destiny number on the other hand, gets extracted from the name.
You can visit this website to automatically calculate your life path and destiny number for free.

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This quiz will calculate your life path number and your destiny number in mere seconds. All you have to do to find your destiny number is to input your name on the text bar and fill up the birthdate number. The website will do everything on its own and will tell you the effects of your life path number and destiny number as well. That is what you need in order to learn more about what is your destiny and how your future will look like.


Calculate Life Path Number manually

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If you want to calculate your life path number you can do it yourself too. We start with your birth date.
That includes the date, month and the year. As you already know, numerology is based on the root number, and it is a single-digit number. To get to the root number, follow the information below.
Let’s assume the date of birth is 16/11/1992.dd/mm/year
We have the exact date, which in this case is 16, month 11, the year 1992.
Order to find the life path number You have to take each number and reduce the root number to a single digit.
For the date – 16 – 1+6 =7.
For the month – 11 – 1+1 = 2.
For the year – 1992 – 1+9+9+2 = 21, Then we take the 21 – 2 + 1= 3.
Now you know how to perform the life path number on each number of your birthdate. After getting the number, now we have to find the root number from all the number extracted from the birthdate. To do that we have to calculate the exacted numbers from the birth date number and then reduce the number to a single digit.
For our birthdate – 16/11/1992 we have 7/2/3.
To find the life path number, all we have to do is combine the extracted number 7 + 2 + 3 = 12. If it lands on double-digit, just like it did now. Then 1 + 2 = 3. 3 will be the life path number of 16/ 11/ 1992.
If you are still having some trouble. Then here are a couple of quick examples.


Calculation Example 2


For the birthday – 21/10/2006
For the date 21 – 2+1= 3
For the month 10- 1+0 = 1
For the year 2006 – 2+0+0+6= 8
So we have 3/1/8. Now to find the life path of this birthdate. We have to calculate 3+1+8 =12. Then we take the 12, 1+2= 3.


Calculation Example 3


For the birthday – 14/3/1997
For the date 14 = 1+4=5
For the month 3 = 3
For the year 1997- 1+9+9+7 = 26 = 2+6 = 8
We have 5/3/8, 5 + 3 + 8 = 16, then 1+6= 7. The lifepath of 14/3/1997 is the number 7.
Hope you understood how it works now. If you keep having trouble with figuring out, then spending a few more times perfecting it will get you up and running in no time. Now you know how to calculate the life path number of birthdate, let’s get on to the next task on our hand in order to find more about your future, which is the destiny number.


Calculate your destiny number manually

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In the lifepath section, you learned how to extract a single-digit number out of a multi-digit number.
In the destiny number section, you are going to learn how to find out the single-digit number out of a letter and word.
1 = A, J, S
2 = B, K, T
3 = C, L, U
4 = D, M, V
5 = E, N, W
6 = F, O, X
7 = G, P, Y
8 = H, Q, Z
9 = I, R
The technique of finding out the destiny number stays the same as it was used in finding the life path number but it is implied differently in here.
To find the destiny number of your name is easier as it gets. Calculate the root number of your name, that includes (First, middle, last). The reduce it to a single digit. Then all that left is adding the total to find the destiny number of your name.
If your name is Maria, M = 4, A = 1, R = 9, I = 9, A = 1, as seen from the chart above. The second step is to calculate all the number to a root number. 4 + 1+ 9+ 9+1 = 24. Then we take the 24 and reduce it to a single digit , 2 + 4 = 6. Maria’s destiny number is 6.
Example 1 – If your name is Jack = 1+1+3+2 = 7. 7 is jack’s destiny number.
Example 2- If your name is Mary = 4+1+9+7 = 21, 2+1 = 3. 3 is Mary’s destiny number.
Now you fully know how to work with life path numbers and the destiny number. Congratulations – now you can actually understand more things about yourself and finally get the answer of “What is my destiny”!


How it is helpful?


Why should anybody waste their time on learning some numbers about themselves? If it holds no such meaning? But the great thing about finding out about your destiny number is it will have a strong impact on your future and your current self. Knowing these numbers will help you open your mind to different possibilities of life.
Building confidence within yourself will lead you to a happier life. By knowing who you are, and what you are capable of doing will help you create a new belief in your system.
The confidence was always there inside you but this time you will be more self-assured about doing things in life. After the quiz, you will know what you can do, if focused the energy on the right things in life. Your destiny is no longer a mistery for you.
Knowing your destiny number will set you on a better path and help you live on what you always had, but never had the chance to open it to the people because you though yourself as lesser of a human being.
These numbers will change your view for better and put you on more positive lights of the world than the opposite. Having more optimism inside you will lead you to become a positive person. The destiny number will help you accomplish all that.
This test is for people like you who are just wondering in the universe not knowing about themselves. Learning your destiny number and life path will change you for better, at the present and will shape you up for the future.
There are not many areas where people get confidence from themselves, finding out what is been inside of them. Finding out who you are will help you with what you will become. You will be able to change your life to the better!

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Meaning of the Lifepath Number

Life path Number 1

– signifies a ground-breaking spirit, independent nature, and essential leadership capabilities of yourself.

Life path Number 2

– Signifies sensitivity, balance, and harmony of yourself.

Life path Number 3

– Signifies the sharing of creation to others. In other words, joining two forces to take on the problem. It also means expressing the ideals inside you through the artistic platform.

Life path Number 4

– Signifies fortifying the roots. Believing in strong infrastructure to withstand a large storm. Which means hardworking, dedication, responsibility, strong will.

Life path Number 5

– Signifies the Free-thinking, adventurous, and progressive of yourself. It defines the freedom and the free nature of your character.

Life path Number 6

– Signifies the nurturing, supportive, and empathic nature of your character. A calm and gentle approach to the problem rather than being aggressive.

Life path Number 7

– Signifies the analytic, investigative skill of your character. How much pragmatic you are when you are looking for a solution to a problem.

Life path Number 8

– Signifies the material wealth, financial success, fame inside your character.

Life path Number 9

– Signifies a consciousness of a being. Finding a cohesive answer through stepping into the realm of unknown. Finding the bridge between two worlds.

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Meaning of the Destiny Number


Each number on the numerology chart has a special unique quirk to it. Here I’m going to tell you what are these numbers mean to you and how it is going to help your form your destiny. What kind of effect it will have on your future and how it will help you a better version of yourself. You are the one who decides how his future will look like.


Destiny Number 1

– Destiny number 1 shows the personal leadership, natural charisma to be a well-guided leader. These people are self-trained, self-controlled, innovative and determined to take on the various tasks by themselves.


Destiny Number 2

– These people offer more of a peaceful approach to every solution than relying on the first thing that comes to their mind. These people are very diplomatic and can move people by speech without showing any sign of violence.


Destiny Number 3

– The people who share this number are generally are good at creating and maintaining relationships. They are optimistic, sociable, confident, cheerful. Not only keeping it in but also spreading to the people around them.


Destiny Number 4

– The 4 shows the sign of a potential human being. A human being filled with the knowledge of managing tasks. They have the capabilities of managing multiple tasks. And completing these tasks with precise accuracy. They find satisfaction by completing their tasks.


Destiny Number 5

– The people who share this number, believe in complete freedom of an individual then shackling to the floor. Taking on new challenges in life, living the life of adventure than pushing themselves living a less fruitful life.


Destiny Number 6

– 6 shows the sign of a making-of great humanitarian. One that helps people from all walks of life. A person caring more for other than anything else. They usually believe in learning new different things in life and sharing them away.


Destiny Number 7

– While the number 7 shows the sign of having the abilities on the skill of teaching. Verbally can move others through speech. Sharing the knowledge with less informed and creating a better individual of themselves and others around them.


Destiny Number 8

– It refers to people who have ambition in life, living for something more than nothing at all. They are generally different than others because they have a set of goals that they deem as the priority than anything else. Will get outstanding success in life.


Destiny Number 9

– Generally, having 9 refers to the people with an unmatched enthusiasm for everything in their life. Taking on new challenges, offering more to people. These people are kind and generous.


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